Gaming & Emotional Intelligence

Posted on the June 18th, 2009 under Guides by admin

Even though the whole idea of using emotional intelligence is still relatively new it is fast gaining a foothold in many industries and the sales sector in particular is beginning to move away from trying to get the consumer to buy what the company wants them to and instead what the customer themselves want. It is also being widely used in other professions such as law where lawyers are now being judged much more on their ability to emphasize with their client’s and recognize their emotions. There has been an upward trend in the amount of people and companies that have been using emotional intelligence (EQ) services as of late and this is something that is growing year by year.

However, how does technology and games play a role on EI? Well, we first need to ascertain exactly what it is. No doubt you will have heard of emotional intelligence to some extent however the finer details are not as widely known. Put simply it is having the ability to identify and then act upon the emotions and feelings of others – so if you have ever taken an action so that it does not hurt someones feelings then this is displaying emotional intelligence. Technology itself can be argued to have reduced out ability to do this naturally to some extent in that much of our communication is now done via email or text message so our scope for one to one interaction and communication is diminished. However, there are many programs out there that can help you develop your emotional intelligence skills. Also, some games such as those from xaitment make heavy use of EI in their games as well. The trend towards emotional intelligence is growing and it is likely that, especially in the technology and gaming industry, it will be used more and more by AI.

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