Interactive Video Games Can Lead to Injuries

Posted on the October 4th, 2010 under News by admin

Injuries due to playing interactive video games are on the rise according to the latest research performed by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. However, the mounting injuries are not a serious concern yet, according to a October 4th, 2010 report by HealthDay News, only that children under 10 should be supervised while playing interactive video games.

The study was performed from January 2004 to January 2009. There were nearly 700 injuries during this period of time that were related to video games. However, only 92 of them were due to interactive video games with more than half of those 92 being young males. Common injuries with interactive video games were cuts, bruises, strains and sprains especially to the shoulders, ankles, and feet.

Despite the rise in injuries, many experts still believe that interactive video games are better for children than traditional video games as the rate of injuries are still relatively small. Additionally, most of the injuries were experienced by children who were unsupervised.

Interactive video games get children up and moving opposed to being sedentary. In fact, video gaming systems like Nintendo Wii have an entire niche of video games devoted to health and fitness. These games help kids and adults improve their health through burning calories, exercising, and weight management.

Interactive video games can also be an option for those suffering from obesity and other health issues that prevent them from getting out of the house and exercising. However, experts caution adults and children that these interactive games are not a substitute for actually getting outside and playing.

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