Man Injured Running Through Traffic Like the Classic Frogger Game

Posted on the December 29th, 2010 under Featured,News by admin

On Monday, a man tried to live out the classic arcade game Frogger as he attempted to run through traffic from one side of the highway to the other. According to a December 29th report by the, the 23 year old man didn’t make it all the way across the highway as he was hit by a Lexus SUV and hospitalized with serious injuries.

The man’s name has yet to be released but police discovered that he and his friends thought that it would be fun to try a real life version of the Frogger game. So, he and his friends went down to their local busy highway in Clemson, South Carolina. The friends yelled go as the 23 year old man started running across the busy highway. The police have not released any further information.

Frogger was first created in 1981 by Konami. The object of the game is to take your frog and have him cross the street without getting hit by the oncoming cars. There’s also rivers and other hazards to avoid when crossing the highway.

Frogger has become one of the most popular games worldwide as it’s continuously released on every new video game platform like WII, PS3, and XBox. The game was also popularized in the hit American sitcom Seinfeld when one of the main stars George Castanza tried to push an arcade game across the street, weaving through traffic.
As of now, the police are not pressing any charges against the driver. It remains unclear whether or not charges will be pressed against the injured man.

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