Interactive Video Games Can Lead to Injuries

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Injuries due to playing interactive video games are on the rise according to the latest research performed by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. However, the mounting injuries are not a serious concern yet, according to a October 4th, 2010 report by HealthDay News, only that children under 10 should be supervised while playing interactive video games.

The study was performed from January 2004 to January 2009. There were nearly 700 injuries during this period of time that were related to video games. However, only 92 of them were due to interactive video games with more than half of those 92 being young males. Common injuries with interactive video games were cuts, bruises, strains and sprains especially to the shoulders, ankles, and feet.

Despite the rise in injuries, many experts still believe that interactive video games are better for children than traditional video games as the rate of injuries are still relatively small. Additionally, most of the injuries were experienced by children who were unsupervised.

Interactive video games get children up and moving opposed to being sedentary. In fact, video gaming systems like Nintendo Wii have an entire niche of video games devoted to health and fitness. These games help kids and adults improve their health through burning calories, exercising, and weight management.

Interactive video games can also be an option for those suffering from obesity and other health issues that prevent them from getting out of the house and exercising. However, experts caution adults and children that these interactive games are not a substitute for actually getting outside and playing.

Sport Trivia Games

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One of the main reasons that so many people go to bars is to watch sports on the TV however the half time period or the interval between games can leave you wondering what to do with your time. Sure you can sit and drink and talk but why not do something more productive instead?
Sport trivia games are becoming increasingly popular these days in bars across the country. They are designed to be short and fast so that you can play them during the half-time interval; indeed, they whole structure of the games are based around a sporting fixture so they will have rounds during periods when fixture on TV is having a break. This is a really good chance to test your sporting knowledge over a wide variety of subjects; you may think that you have a really good general knowledge about sports however is this really the case? Have you ever put it to the test?
With games like On The Ball around then you will never be bored in between quarters or at half-time. You can play with 4 or 6 people and it provides a fun and interactive way in which you can spend an afternoon or an evening while getting drunk with your friends at the same time. Indeed, the game is not confined to any particular age group or demographic and anyone can join in; furthermore, virtually any bar can participate as well and it can be a great revenue booster for your business if you want to get involved in these trivia sport games. People want to be stimulated and active these days and this is what these games do; rather than just sit and drink go to a bar that participates in this kind of game for a fun and interactive evening.

Active Video Games Are Now Being Considered As Exercise

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Scientists and other medical professionals are now considering active video games as an acceptable form of exercise, according to a November 16th 2009 report by HealthDay News. A recent study performed by the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo, found that active video games expend energy at the rate similar to moderate to intense physical exercise.

Japanese researchers studied the METs (metabolic equivalent values), which is a method for measuring energy expenditure, of 12 people aged 25 to 44. These dozen individuals played various Wii sports games and fitness games. The study was sponsored by Nintendo which is the manufacturer of Wii.

The study looked at nearly 50 different activities from these video games and measured the METs of the dozen participants. 9 of the activities had less than 2 METs, 23 activities had two to three METs, nine activities had three to four METs and five activities had more than 4 METs.

Moderate intense exercises have METs in the range of three to six METs with vigorous exercise above sixe METs and light exercise below three METs according to the American Heart Association. The average adult produces about 3 METs when walking on a flat surfaced treadmill at the pace of 3 miles per hour.

Wii’s fitness video games can help children become more active and prevent certain physical conditions like obesity. Additionally, adults may use these game as an option for exercising but should not exclude other forms of physical activity like walking, running, cycling, stretching and weight training.

Gaming & Emotional Intelligence

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Even though the whole idea of using emotional intelligence is still relatively new it is fast gaining a foothold in many industries and the sales sector in particular is beginning to move away from trying to get the consumer to buy what the company wants them to and instead what the customer themselves want. It is also being widely used in other professions such as law where lawyers are now being judged much more on their ability to emphasize with their client’s and recognize their emotions. There has been an upward trend in the amount of people and companies that have been using emotional intelligence (EQ) services as of late and this is something that is growing year by year.

However, how does technology and games play a role on EI? Well, we first need to ascertain exactly what it is. No doubt you will have heard of emotional intelligence to some extent however the finer details are not as widely known. Put simply it is having the ability to identify and then act upon the emotions and feelings of others – so if you have ever taken an action so that it does not hurt someones feelings then this is displaying emotional intelligence. Technology itself can be argued to have reduced out ability to do this naturally to some extent in that much of our communication is now done via email or text message so our scope for one to one interaction and communication is diminished. However, there are many programs out there that can help you develop your emotional intelligence skills. Also, some games such as those from xaitment make heavy use of EI in their games as well. The trend towards emotional intelligence is growing and it is likely that, especially in the technology and gaming industry, it will be used more and more by AI.